Biomedical Technologies main goal is to design new products according the specification and the clients´s scenarios and projects. Based on the most recent technology we can help in the specification, design and conception of new products especially in the area of stimulation, acquisition and amplification.


Build New Devices

Biomedical tecnologies help engineers to make their designs work and build new devices to fill up the needs defined, using the metodology above.

Our teamwork is focused on the following areas.


Medical instrumentation.


Microcontroller based designs.
Solutions based on PC/104 standard.
Mixed-signal electronic design.
FPGA,DSP based systems.
Bluetooth wireless technology integrators.


Biomedical signal acquisition and processing.
Software engineering. Scientific data analysis.
Electronic designs for control and instrumentation.
Wireless communication devices.

Software Development

We are expert in Software development that in some how complement the new devices.
These software could be embedded software, real time software or applications that interact with the devices (Mobiles, Tablets or Computers).

System Integration

As part of our work we can interact and integrate the solutions build with other hardware/device or any application that already exists.



Multichannel biological signal simulator which generates simultaneously EEG, ERG, ECG and neural spike signals. It can be also fully configured following customer specifications. The simulator can be used either to check data acquisition systems or as a tool for training. This approach helps you to keep your experimental setup easy to use, and reliable.


Multichannel programmable current stimulators. They are fully configurable from a PC Windows based GUI. It allows time resolution from 10usec. Has built-in safety features that include the ability to sense the failure of any of the output drivers or other modes of operation that could result in charge imbalance and tissue damage.


Stim100 is a fully programmable Neurostimulator (current generator) with 100 channels and up to 16 simultaneous stimuli. The target of the system is to provide a very flexible and powerful tool to researchers in neurosciences. The system has been designed specially for using with the Utah Electrode Array, although it can be used with other kinds of electrodes.

Stim100 - Software

Stim100 has an easy interface for programming the signals that will be used for the stimulation and some more features to enhance the everyday.